My Diwali Lamp Is Still Alive!

Although Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by the Hindu people of India, it has become an international festival of joy and sharing. Diwali means the victory of Light over Darkness. Although I had a bitter experience on writing about Diwali, I love that festival.
My Diwali Lamp is Still Alive!
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Diwali is sweet. It brings the memories of sweetness. Diwali is a festival of sweetness - sweet to all the senses and mind! I always welcome the festival in my heart, although it is considered as the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in the month of October or November which falls in the autumn season in the northern hemisphere. 

Diwali - Deepavali - the Festival of Lights
The word "Diwali" or "Deepavali" literally means - decoration with lights. It is one of the most glamorous and important festivals which is enthusiastically enjoyed by the Indians. It is a festival

of joy and sharing. People of all religions join in festivity, celebrating its high theme - Victory of Light over Darkness!

Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by displaying lights in and around houses. It is a great occasion of removing all vices from lives and welcoming brightness into hearts. This theme - Victory of Light over darkness - attracts me, leading my thoughts to the Christian festival Easter which commemorates the Victory of Jesus over sin and Darkness.

My sad memory of Diwali - My Bitter Experience!
The festival of Diwali always brings a sad memory to my thoughts, which I would like to share here for a better understanding. I wrote an article on Diwali, ten years ago, comparing it with the Christian festival Easter. The title of the article was "Deepavali the Indian Easter". Throughout the article, I insisted the point of "victory over evil". Unfortunately, it brought a negative comment, as if celebrating it was a great sacrilege! I had never meant anything against any religion or provoked any ill feeling. 

Every religion is for peace and prosperity
The main purpose of every religion is to bring all people under one fold as the children of God and foster peace and

harmony in every society. Every religion is expected to be used compassionately so that it can contribute much to world peace.

Religion should never, intrinsically, be a cause or a source of conflict. It is always for peace and prosperity. But when a particular religion is infected with selfishness or egoism, it loses its purpose and becomes destructive. Although it might have begun in solidarity and purity, it eventually is allowed to contaminate and degenerate. That is why we see throughout history innumerable crimes and bloodsheds, committed in the name of religions.

Diwali - festival of good understanding
Every festival is expected to promote solidarity and good understanding. But when it is corrupted by greed, power, arrogance, and egoism, etc., misunderstanding and misinterpretation creep in, leading to chaos. It happens easily when festivals are commercialized. Consumerism and commercialism divert the attention of the people from the real purpose of the festivals. They make them get interested in mere pomp and show, creating unhealthy feelings in society. If one looks deep into the celebrations of Diwali, he/she can well understand the great meaning of the festival - sharing joy and prosperity with others. 

Diwali is celebrated in India and other countries on 19th October of this year. May this social and cultural festival bring peace and prosperity to all. Let all the evils that divide and darken humanity be destroyed by the Divine Powers! Let us welcome Diwali and share its sweetness! Diwali is always sweet! 

Happy Diwali to all!

Article Written By vpaulose

I am a freelance writer writing in many sites. I write on health, education, personality development, religion, etc. I have MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling, Doctorate in Alternative medicines, 36 years of teaching experience in Tamil Nadu, 2 years of Clinical experience in Kerala many medical certificates to my credit. I want to write a lot and reach the world.

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  • vpaulose  28-10-2017
    It brings together people in fraternal love. Thank you.
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  • raghubirs  28-10-2017
    Diwali- the festival of lights celebrated on Amavasya or New Moon night of Kartik month -which falls mostly in October is festival of India. Diwali denots victory of good over evil and coprresponds to homecoming of Lord Rama after long time.
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  • vpaulose  21-10-2017
    Glad that you enjoyed reading this post. thanks for the comment.
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  • goldstay  21-10-2017
    Wow! the festival is the same as the Feast of Lights in the Christian-Anglican Church. It also has the same purpose of unifying all people under the name of God. Thank you for sharing.
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  • vpaulose  19-10-2017
    Thank you, dear Stevenosteen, for your comment. Hope you will read more of mine.
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  • stevenosteen  19-10-2017
    I love the article it is fantastic to know about Hindu Diwali Festivals since I am Catholic and I have learned a lot from the article.
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  • vpaulose  18-10-2017
    Hi dear Systemsmind, "the title caption" is just an accident. Thanks for pointing it out. I welcome your feedback.
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  • vpaulose  18-10-2017
    Thanks to the EC team for publishing this.
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  • systemsmind  18-10-2017
    👍Sweet or bitter is how we label it . Instead of labelling it as a bitter experience and recalling as one , you could have mentally registered this incidence a simple error of judgement in captioning . May be an alternative caption could having yielded desired result .
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