Why Does The Catholic Church Concentrate On Family Life Today?

The Catholic Church has convened the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops to discuss about the family relationship, marital life and the problems that modern families face today. They play a vital role in the practical life of a Christian family.

A family is the nucleus of the human society. Today’s family forms the destiny of tomorrow's humanity. The family relationships, marital life and the problems of modern families affect the future of every individual.

The Catholic Church is discussing deeply about these issues in the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops that has begun in Vatican early this week. They are discussing the issues that affect the family life in every angle, focusing on how the teachings of the Church can make the family life successful.

Pope Francis’ initiative

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church today, has taken the initiative to inform the

importance of family life and marital relationship in the modern world. He has convened the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops that is accompanied by all the People of God, namely the representation of bishops, priests, consecrated men and women, and also the lay faithful of the entire world. He has been insisting the importance of this meeting from the very beginning of his papacy. The meeting has been prepared well, through various meetings all over the world. The divine help has been sought through the crucial support of prayers.

The purpose of the Synod – family life

The family and social life in the modern world are facing great challenges such as the challenges of marriage, of family life, and of the education of children. The role of the family in the life of the Church

and its active participation in individual as well as social life is felt very important, more than ever.

The Catholic Church is trying to clarify its doctrines on the family, life and sexuality in the divine enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and with a critical but sincere openness. The common themes such as equal dignity of both men and women and the rejection of violence are also given importance in the discussions.

The new perspective of family life

Proper understanding of the validity of the marital relationship and its holiness is stressed so as to build up the society. The problems of divorce, extramarital affairs, living together with fidelity, and contraception are given much importance in the discussions.

Great expectations

An important feature of the Synod and the discussions is its perspective outlook not merely as a list of prohibitions, but by drawing them closer to the faithful, as Jesus did with great empathy and tenderness.

The whole world, not only Catholic but also others, are anxiously waiting for the results of the Synod. Let us hope God will guide the world with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.


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