When Does Wealth Become My Welfare God?

Most of us think that wealth or money is the power of life. We run after wealth to amass it to the maximum. We are never satisfied with what we have. Always we go for more. In this hectic running after wealth we forget the source of all wealth – God. We deify wealth as our God.

Everyone wants to be rich. Most of us think that money can buy us anything. Money means to many people prosperous and carefree life. Why should I worry if I have enough and more money with me?

I work hard and earn money = It is my money!

Everyone works hard to earn money because of the power that money gives a person. The hectic life that we find in modern days is just to earn as much money as possible. Nobody is satisfied with the money he/she possesses. It is like a tantalizing thirst to drink more and more

– never satiated. The more I earn money, the more I become attached to it and say “It is my money”.

Wealth or money is my wall of protection

I believe in the power of money or wealth so much that it is my wall of protection. I treat my money as the strongest protection that I can have. If am rich with more wealth or money, I can buy anything I like. It provides protection in every possible way.

When does a person become money-minded?

Wealth or money becomes an addiction that we cannot part with. Can anyone give away a part of his/her wealth so easily? Why is it not so easy to part with the money we possess? It is just because we think it is “our own” money. We become so money-minded that we are unable to

part with it easily. Giving away money becomes extremely difficult for me and I may even feel irresponsible to part with it just because I am so attached to it as it is “my own money”. I forget completely the ultimate source of all wealth and riches. I forget that it was God’s divine providence that allowed me become rich.

Why does God give me money?

God gives His talents to everyone in different ways. Most of us do not realize those God-given talents but look at others who may be living a luxurious life. We think that being wealthy is the only way of measuring those talents. This wrong notion leads to many mistakes in life. We forget God and make money our God. God gives talents, including money, to be shared with others in love and generosity.

When does Wealth become my Welfare God?

When I forget that God gives me money to be generous and share with others, I become selfish and make wealth of money as my God. I deify money as God and give all importance to money.


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