Seven Keys Of Peace Suggested By The Catholic Church

The world is in great turmoil. Everyone wants to live in peace. But selfishness and disbelief are forcing humanity into more chaos and confusion. Peaceful life is becoming more remote.

The present condition of the world is in chaos. The world is growing more into a dangerous battlefield, each country increasing its weapons and military. I spite of all the treaties to come to a compromise of peace, threats of war and attacks are hanging over the head of humanity. Where is peace? How to find peace?

The Catholic Church proposes seven keys for peace

God has given His guidance for peace through His Word. Christianity has been proposing suggestions for a life of peace in families as well as in communities. The Catholic Church believes that by living the word

of God the world can find solutions for the turbulent and turmoil condition of the world. The Church suggests the following seven keys as principles of peace.

1) Dignity of human life should be valued: Human life is invaluable. It is the image of God. Therefore every life is sacred. It is the foundation for all beliefs. Killing or terminating life in any form will cause the world and humanity restlessness.

2) Importance of a family: Family is the nucleus of society. It is the base of community. People should live the family life with responsible roles. Rights and duties should be maintained and honored. Peace in family life is vital.

3) Rights and responsibilities: Everyone has rights and

responsibilities. Right to live is the fundamental one for the decent human life.

4) Concern for the poor and vulnerable: Every human life should be treated with honor. Poor and vulnerable should be cared for.

5) Dignity of work and workers: Profit minded world is exploiting work and workers. This is the first reason for revolutions and restlessness. Every worker has riht for productive work, to decent wage and for protection of rights.

6) Solidarity: Te whole humanity is one human family. All human beings are the children of the same heavenly Father. That spirit of solidarity should be maintained in societies. All human beings are brothers and sisters.

7) Protecting God’s creation: When we show our love to God’s creations and protect them, we love God. This love of creation is the base of peaceful life. Every human has the duty to appreciate and protect every other creation of God.

Trust in God leads to trust others and love them more. This trust and love can bring the whole humanity into a single family and promote the sense of peace in everyone.


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