Saintly Mothers Of Saints In Heaven!

Sainthood is the special honor given by the Catholic Church to devoted Christians who are believed to be in heaven. They are believed to live near God and have the power to intercede for the people on the earth. It is really interesting to know about mothers and children as saints in heaven.


Mothers’ day is a moment of honoring the mothers. It is a tribute to motherhood. It is a time of gratitude to think of a mom who carries her child in her womb for more or less than nine months. It is not an exaggeration that a mother shapes the destiny of her child.

A mother is the role model of a child. It is the mother’s blood that builds up the moods and emotions of her child. It is the mother who introduces God to her child and feeds her faith to the child.

As a mother, so is the child!


mother is the first teacher of her child. It is from the mother that the child learns the first lessons of all knowledge.

Mother is the channel of faith

Faith, or a religious belief, comes to the child through a mother. She passes on her faith as gift of God. Spirituality, in every aspect, is the work of a mother, after the intervention of God. Virtue passes from a mother to the child even before delivering the child.

Five Saintly mothers of Saints

It is interesting to know that there are several saints who have their children declared as saints. Sainthood here means the declaration or canonization of the Catholic Church that a particular person is in heaven.

1) St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine

It is the fervent prayers of Augustine’s mom Monica that converted him from his influence of the heretical Manichean sect and immoral ways of life. She prayed several years with great hope in God. Her non-stop prayers converted his rebellious heart and made him a great saint of Christianity.

2) St. Felicity, mother of seven martyrs

St. Felicity was

the mother of seven children; all of them became martyrs by laying down their lives for Christ. It was the faith of the mother that gave courage to them to be fervent in their faith. She was witnessing her sons giving up their lives for Jesus.

3) Blessed Adela, mother of Saint Trudo

Blessed Adela's faith and devotion encouraged her son to become a Benedictine monk and a saint of the seventh century.

4) Blessed Mama Margaret, mother of St. John Bosco

Fondly called Mama Margaret, mother of St. John Bosco, assisted her son in his spiritual as well as worldly journey. Her love towards all and dedication attracted thousands of people towards the love of God.

 5) Mother of St. Therese of Lisieux

Blessed Marie Azelie, mother of St. Therese of Lisieux, is to be canonized within months. It is the profound faith and exemplary life of her mom that inspired St. Therese of Lisieux to become one of the greatest saints of the last century. The love that existed among the family members was the foundation for the Godly faith of the children.

Saintly mothers are great assets of God’s love. They not only brought up their children as saints but also lived a great role model of motherhood.


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