October: The Month To Walk With Mother Mary

The Catholic Church has dedicated the month of October to the devotion of Mother Mary. It calls the month as the “Rosary Month”. People pray Rosary individually and in groups. Reciting Rosary is walking to Jesus along with Mother Mary.

The month of October is dedicated to Mother Mary in a unique way as the Month of Rosary. It is an occasion to walk with Mother Mary in the love of God. Rosary is a devotional tool of meditating the mysteries of Jesus Christ and praying to God through the intercession of Mother Mary.

Mother Mary teaches the path of walking towards God

Most of the non-Catholics think that reciting Rosary, devotion to Mary or praying through Mother Mary is an idol-worship or a pagan practice. It is a wrong notion. Blessed Virgin Mary was a human being, just like

all of us, who lived on this earth, gave birth to Jesus Christ, and took part in most of the events in the life of Jesus. Her life was the most dedicated one to the love of God. She is the fittest person who can lead us in the love of God. She is a great inspiration to anyone who wants to lead a Christian life by showing a role model which makes the path of Christian life an easier one to live the word of God.

Devotion to Mary with a motherly affection

Blessed Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus, who redeemed all human beings and got the inheritance of being the children of God. Catholic Christians look at Mary as their

affectionate mother in whom they find an intercessor. By learning her life in the scriptures and walking with her from the Annunciation at Nazareth to the Crucifixion on Calvary, we meditate the life of Jesus and live with the will of God. Walking with her gives us inspiration as well as encouragement to understand more about our own life, our problems and what God wants us to do. Reciting Rosary is the most important way of showing affection to Mother Mary.

October: the month of Rosary

The month of October is observed as the Month dedicated by the Catholic Church to the recitation of Rosary. Catholics all over the world join in families, in communities, or in whatever way possible to come together and recite the Rosary, meditating the mysteries of the life of Jesus. It is nothing but meditating the word of God, just as Mother Mary "his mother treasured all these things in her heart" and meditated throughout her life. (Luke 2:51)

The Catholic Church encourages the devotees to recite Rosary, meditate the life of Jesus and to follow Mother Mary in the path of Faith.


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