May Is The Month Of Mother Mary

The month of May is observed as the month of Mother Mary. The whole month, Catholic people who have great devotion towards Mother Mary celebrate her with various activities. Mother Mary is known for her heroic motherhood.

The month of May is dedicated to motherhood. Most of the countries celebrate Mother’s day in this month. Mother's role in a family and society is still great. The sacrifice and love towards the family is unmatchable and undeniable. Gender roles are undergoing drastic changes and even changing definitions. Womanhood is redefined in the modern lifestyle. Whatever may change the female gender, the status of motherhood can never be changed. The mother is always the light of a family.

Mother’s Day to be grateful

Mother’s Day is an occasion to honor motherhood and share love and gratitude with mothers. A mother

not only carries a child in her womb for nine months, but she also carried her child in her heart till her death. A child may throw out his/her mother in her old age. But the mother can never throw out a child at any age!

May devotion – during the whole month

May is associated with motherhood in several ways. The mother’s Day celebrates and thanks mother’s nature of dedicated love and service. It is observed by the Christians, especially by the Catholics, as the month of Mother Mary and motherhood. The month of May has a great significance to motherhood. From ancient days the month of May has been recognized as the season of the beginning of new life. 

Mary – the courageous mother of humanity

Mary took up her motherhood with a challenging announcement from God. It was not

an easy motherhood. But it had been a heroic motherhood from the beginning.

Blessed Virgin Mary had to protect the child with utmost care. She had to deliver her baby in unusual circumstances where she could not even find a place for delivery. It was a manger where she had to lay down the baby. She had to run to Egypt, taking infant Jesus to protect him from Herod’s sword.

Every day she had to meet with challenges as foretold by Simeon, the old man of Jerusalem Temple. She kept everything in her heart, meditating the Redemption plan of God!

A mother on the Way of the Cross

What would have been the torture to a loving mother to follow her innocent son who had to face trial and torture just because he had been “doing good to all people”. She stood under the cross on Calvary, looking at the greatest sufferings of her beloved son.

Mother Mary, the heroic mother of history is the mother of all mothers. She is the intercessor of the whole humanity.


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