The Heroic Mother Of The New Testament

The New Testament narrates the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Among the heroic mothers found in the New Testament, Mother Mary stands on the top of heroism.

The New Testament is the second part of the Holy Bible which is about the birth and life of Jesus Christ and the activities and teachings that followed after his Resurrection. We can find many mothers playing different roles in the chapters of the New Testament. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, the Canaanite woman who pleased for her daughter, Maria the mother of James and Joseph, the mother of Zebedee’s sons who requested Jesus a favor for her sons, and many more.

Of all these mothers we find Mary, the mother of Jesus, standing unique and most heroic of all

the mothers of the New Testament. She experienced the human suffering and pain to the maximum. She was extremely compassionate and showed extraordinary courage in every situation.

The courageous “yes” of Mother Mary

Mary was in a great dilemma. She was so humble in life that she never sought for power and glory. Mary knew quite well the consequences of the answer she was expected to say. The “yes” to accept to be the mother of Jesus was a very heroic one from the poor girl of Nazareth. Mary had the great courage to surrender herself totally to the will of God. The surrender implied both courage and humility. History records how painful was her path of motherhood to deliver Jesus in odd situation. But Mary had the courage to face every challenge heroically.

A heroic mother of compassionate service

It was the heroic courage that led Mary to rush to help those who were in need. What do the episodes of her visitation to Elizabeth and her

intercession at the wedding  of Cana reveal?

A courageous follower of Jesus

Wherever Jesus went mary followed him, undertaking all the troubles and tribulations courageously. What would have been the sufferings and inconveniences she had to face when she was following her son who said, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”?

The supreme moment of Mary’s heroism

Mother Mary was always expecting the piercing sword that would tear her heart to bleed, as it was prophesied by Simeon at the Temple of Jerusalem. Her life was a fulfillment of painful heroism which culminated in the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Mary knew quite well that her son was innocent and had to be sacrificed for the sake of the whole humanity. She was bleeding in her heart at every drop of blood her son had to shed by the cruelty of the Jewish leaders.

What would have been the agony of Mother Mary when the torn and lifeless body of her beloved son was laid on her lap?

Mother Mary shared and suffered all the tortures of Jesus on her body and mind. She reached the climax of heroism when she stood on the Calvary, looking at her dying son.


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  • misterdd  05-08-2017
    Since I am from Croatia, Mother Mary is very important for us. Honestly it is hard to even imagine how hard that was for her. It is hard for every mother today, but what they did to Jesus was just injustice and brutal, and she had to watch that. That is what makes them so special, they were brave and strong, stronger than we can imagine.
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  • queeniech  14-07-2017
    She is so humble and she is our Mother too... let's go to her loving arms and pray to her for intercession to her son...
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  • xavierdhs07  11-05-2014
    You have made wonderful study about Mother Mary and presented clearly.
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  • galaxia  10-05-2014
    I wonder how you manage to produce so many articles
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