Is Good Friday The Day Of Killing Justice?

Good Friday has a great significance in every human life. Was it really “good” in punishing an innocent man, although everyone knew clearly that he was innocent? Why was justice denied and the mob took the power in hand to punish such an innocent man? Was it a day of injustice?

Good Friday is here. The whole world observes it with the memories of the death of Jesus Christ who was punished to be crucified on the cross. Was it the day when justice was crucified? Was it the day when mob culture was induced to punish the innocent although the judge said "I could find nothing wrong in him"?

Good Friday – a Day of Judgment

Jesus was brought before the court of Pontius Pilate, the then Governor of Judea. Jesus had been hailed as the hero of the Jews and the expected “Messiah” He was taken in royal procession through

the streets of Jerusalem - just hours ago with the jubilant cries of “Hosanna”. People were in great admiration towards Jesus who preached love, healed the sick, gave life to the dead and promised the Kingdom of God.

Irritated by the rising power of Jesus, the Pharisees and the High Priests sought ways to crush his glory. They tried every possible way to summon him before the Law of Court. With cunning and treacherous moves they got him arrested and brought him before the court of the Roman Governor Pilate. They forced him to kill him with the capital punishment of crucifixion, since their Jewish Laws had no holes for such a punishment.

Justice neglected by selfishness

Jesus was tried in the court of Pilate, who could not find any evidence for a capital punishment. Pilate pleaded for justice - not to punish an innocent man. He publicly announced that

Jesus has no guilt for a capital punishment. He tried to rescue him by even scourging him. But the mob was stimulated by the selfishness and pride of the Jewish leaders. He was forced by the mob for his verdict of crucifixion. He washed his hands saying that he has no part in shedding the innocent blood of Jesus. Was it the first time that a mob got away with what it wanted and forced the judge to punish an innocent man with death sentence?

How were the people changed so suddenly and so easily?

How could they cry “Crucify him” with the same mouth that sang “Hosanna” just hours ago? It was the power of religious beliefs in the Jews. The Jewish leaders knew the technique to change the minds of the people. They changed their minds by quoting the words of Jesus about destroying and rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple in just three days! The Jews loved traditions and the Temple and they were changed. They shouted “Crucify him”! And Jesus was crucified. Justice was crucified!

Just think of these events on this day – Good Friday. Spend a few minutes if the same thing happens even today.


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