Five Rs Of Reaching God To Reduce Depression

Depression is the worst condition of mental state. The modern lifestyle leads to depression and suicide attempts. It can be reduced by following the five "R" step. It can be found in several places in the Bible.

The world is restless. It does not offer hope for life. Wherever we turn we find more disappointment. Stress tortures in every aspect and make us discouraged and discontented in life. No power of this world can strengthen us to overcome our feelings of depression. Only God can do it.

God shows us a “five Rs” short cut to overcome the hardships of life and reduce our stress and depression. The five Rs lead a person towards God. They remove the negative feelings and fill us with the positive energy of reconciliation and reward of rejoice!

The five Rs of reducing


During times of despair and depression we search for some source of help. We want to hold something to protect our hold or someone to come to our help to lessen our emotion of depression.

Two examples of depression and God’s intervention

Here are two examples of God’s intervention when human beings are in a depressed and hopeless condition.

The first one is from the Old Testament – the life –s history of King David. The second one is described by Jesus though the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

The 5 R’s of King David to reduce depression

King David long before he became the king of Israel, stepped out of God’s Will and went on his own way. He was in utter despair. The five-step spiritual process brought him back to the embrace of God.

1) King David Realized and repented his mistake. He repented. The first R - Repentance is the change of mind that brings

out the change in behavior. His Rependance made him choose a new direction.

2) The second R is RECALL which means David recalled how God helped him faithfully when he was in a depressed and hopeless condition.

3) The third R is Reflection. David reflected the power of God. He was completely exhausted and depressed. But his reflection on the timely providence of God gave him courage to approach God with hope.

4) Then comes the fourth R Remember the past. He sings in the Psalms how God protects him with peace.

5) The fifth R is Resolve to trust God and entrust everything to him.

These five Rs are sure steps of casting away depression.

The Five R steps of the Prodigal Son

The same five steps can be seen in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. When everything was lost and there was no hope of survival, the Prodigal Son followed these five Rs steps and freed himself from everything that separated him from his loving father.

These five steps of reaching God will reduce the emotions of depressions and retain us in the faith of God.


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