The Difference Between I Love You And I Love Yours

People often say “I love you.” But many of them feel in their hearts “I love yours”. We should understand the difference between these two ways of loving. One is based on selflessness and the other on selfishness.

I love you is a common sentence that we hear often. But does it convey the real meaning? Does it mean “I love yours”? There is a vast difference between “I love you” and “I love yours”. Many times the actual meaning when people say “I love you” may be “I love yours”.

I love you: meaning

When we sincerely say I love you it means that we wish all the best to the person and it becomes a blessing or a prayer. It comes from the heart. It goes as a positive vibration to the person as well as

to the cosmic atmosphere. But when you mean “I love yours” it is an internal reflex of your greed and selfishness. It comes from your selfishness that is always hiding in some part of your brain or heart. It wants to possess the things what belong to the other person.

Prayer of greed or revenge

Mostly, when we pray, our prayer may be an act of submitting a list of things we need or want. It may be to have things and luxuries what others may have. Once an angel appeared before a devotee and gave him a boon. “You may ask for anything; but on one condition. Your neighbor will have the double of what you get”. The devotee was already in a plan to take revenge of his neighbor. He prayed, “In that case, pluck one of my eyes”. He wished, with all his heart, that his neighbor

may lose his eye sight in both eyes.

Adverse effects of negative energy

Is such prayer an act of love? Does it reflex the commandment of love “Love your neighbor”? Perhaps, the neighbor may lose his eyesight. But what will be the consequences of the evil feelings and emotions in a person’s heart? All the negative energies, of a person as well as of others who live in the world, do have influence in every person’s life. These feelings will bring curse to all and destruction to the whole world.

Love and seek the Kingdom of God

Jesus said to love others without any expectation. It is a selfless love. It is the love shown by the Good Samaritan to the neighbor whom he saw on the road. It is the selfless love of Jesus by laying down his own life for all the sins of humanity.

Our love in life should be based on the commandment of Jesus. It should be based on his promise “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)


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