Did Constantine's Conversion Help Christianity?

After the Roman Emperor Constantine was converted to Christianity, there were great changes in the history of Christianity as well as that of the world. Christianity, which had been a forbidden doctrine, came to be practiced in public and it had great impact on the history of the whole world.

Constantine, the Roman Emperor, stands as a great pillar in the history of the world as well as the history of Christianity. Was his conversion to Christianity helpful to the Christians and the world?

Constantine and Christianity

The Roman Emperor Constantine was a major turning point in Christian history. There are many legends and stories about the circumstances that led to his conversion. History has to find out if his conversion was a miracle or a politically motivated one. Whatever may it be, his conversion was a great turning point in the history of Christianity as well as the world

since it resulted in the end of persecution of Christians and the beginning of Christendom.

How was his conversion a plus point for Christianity?

In the year 315 AD, Constantine, the Roman Emperor opted to become a Christian and asked for baptism. He followed Christianity and was a major element in spreading Christianity throughout Empire and the world. In addition to the benefits that the conversion of Constantine resulted in the end of persecution of Christians and the beginning of Christendom, it completely changed the status of Christianity. The church was actually protected by the government where it had been persecuted. Christians who were practicing the religion undergrounds in an oppressed condition were free to come out and practice the religion in public. They became more involves in worldly problems. The church became the guiding power of governments.


conversion also brought in some drawbacks in Christianity

Although Christianity became the state religion, it began to lose its fervent communities of the time of the martyrs of the early periods. Church became the dominating power of politics and other aspects of the governments. It affected the depth of Christianity in many ways. Christians were losing their spirit of charity and love and were dominated by the desire for power and wealth.

Belief in the doctrines and the real spirit of Christian love was lost when people were baptized in crowds just to add the number of people. The baptized people followed their old pagan traditions and beliefs. Heresies and wrong practices crept in.

Changes in Christianity

Christians, who had been looking for protection, began to organize themselves into austere and demanding communities. They felt that they had to withdraw from the comfortable lifestyle to seek God in a secluded and austere life. Deserts and remote areas became the abodes of devoted hermits and monks who wanted to preserve their ideal of a perfect life.

Constantine’s conversion into Christianity was really a great turning point in history. Every history has such repercussions.


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