Deborah The Only Woman Judge Of The Israel

God does not discriminate women in any way. He honors them and helps them whenever they had faith in God. Deborah, the only woman judge and leader of Israel, shows that she followed God’s inspirations faithfully and protected Israel.

God created man and woman equal. Both man and woman share the responsibilities of every society. Women have their honor in the eyes of God. He never discriminates womanhood. In the Holy Bible we find many women being honored in various ways. They are honored for their great love and affection. They are honored for their talents. In the Old Testament we find a woman named Deborah as the only woman judge of the Israel.

Deborah in the era of Judges

Israel people reached the land of Canaan under the guidance of Moses and then Joshua. When they settled in

Canaan God raised “Judges” to lead and rule Israel. Among the judges, we find Deborah as a confident and trusted woman judge of Israel. As the wife of Lapidoth, Deborah occupied her role as married prophetess and judge of the people. She was the fifth judge in the rank of judges and she was the first and only woman judge, who could lead the people after Joshua’s generation.

The Israel had to serve the Canaanite gods as the King of Canaan, Jabir, was a powerful ruler of Hazor and was oppressing the Israel with his powerful military force. Israel cried to God to help them and redeem them from the oppression of the Canaanite king. Deborah roused the Israel telling them that God had promised to redeem them.

Deborah an able leader

Deborah proved

herself to be an able leader. She became the “mother in Israel” and the Israel came to her for her judgment. She administered judgment, sitting under a palm tree which was called “Palm of Deborah”. It was located between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim. Deborah proved her mettle and talents which was not inferior to any other Judge of the Israel. She led the Israel to great victories during their distress and settled their personal disputes.

With her great guidance the Israel could throw off the yoke of bondage. Her clever judgment and tactic saved Israel from Jabin’s General Sisera who was killed. The prophetic knowledge of Deborah strengthened the Israel to fight bravely against the large army of the Canaanites and achieve victory. The “song of Deborah” in the Bible narrates her grateful commemoration of this great deliverance. Deborah’s courage and faith in God brought forty years of peace to Israel. God had adorned her with incredible talents and versatility.

Deborah is an example to the world. She proves that God helps and guides anyone who trusts in Him.


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