Dead Or The Living - Which Christ Is To Be Followed?

Whom to follow? Jesus who died on the cross? Or Jesus who rose on the third day and is still alive? The Dead Jesus or Jesus Alive? The Christian faith is built on the Resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus Christ was crucified and died on the cross. He rose on the third day as it was prophesied and written centuries ago. The Christians all over the world worship Jesus Christ as their Lord. Who deserves their worship? - Is it the DEAD JESUS, hanging lifeless on the cross? Or the LIVING JESUS who appeared to his disciples after his resurrection?

Jesus suffered and died for humanity

It is true that Jesus Christ was born on this earth, suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the whole humanity. Jesus redeemed human race through his ignominious death on the


As it was already written in the scriptures, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. He conquered the evils of sin through his death. He conquered death - the fruit of sin. Resurrection is the victory of Jesus.

Who deserves to be worshipped? Dead Christ or the Risen Christ?

Which Jesus should the Christians seek? Where should we search for him? Search among the DEAD or among the LIVING?

Searching - Living Christ among the dead

Most of the Christians honor the cross on which Jesus died for the human race. They search for Christ among the dead.

Some people criticise that they can do anything or commit any mistake since God is dead and has closed eyes which can no more see.

Even the disciples of Jesus searched for him among the dead. Had they believed the words of scriptures or had they fully

expected the resurrection of Jesus, would they have searched for him as a dead body buried in a grave?

The disciples went in search of the tomb. Mary of Magdalene and other women went to anoint and preserve his dead body. What did the Angel who was sitting on the empty tomb ask them? He said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead?” Does it not insist that Risen Christ is the hope of humanity and Jesus Christ is alive among us.

Jesus himself criticized two of his disciples on their way to a village called Emmaus - for their sadness and anxiety over the crucified Jesus. Their eyes were held held fast that they could not even recognize Jesus who was already walking with them as a stranger, of course concealing his identity. They were discussing and narrating the sad end of Jesus.

Jesus chastised them for their foolishness which made them slow to believe all that the prophets had spoken.

Christianity is built on the Resurrected and Living Lord Jesus. Christian faith is not following DEAD Christ but it is living with Christ who is ALIVE.


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