Dad’s Day And Lord’s Prayer

Father’s Day is celebrated on 15 June, 2014. It indicates the importance of fatherhood. Jesus Christ taught the Lord’s Prayer. It is the noblest expression of fraternal love as well as the paternal love towards humanity.

Dad’s Day or father’s Day is around the corner here in the US. Father’s Day cards and gifts are displayed everywhere. It is high time to think of the heavenly Dad and thank Him for all His gifts. It is also fitting to offer our affectionate gifts of charity that we share with others. It may be more fitting to gather in worship on this day of love and meditate the content of the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus Christ has taught to the world.

Lord’s Prayer and Dad’s love

The heavenly Father loves us so much that He sent His

Son to prove His great love towards humanity. The prayer which Jesus Christ taught to his disciples contains all the ingredients of a prayer. There can be no greater prayer than the Lord’s Prayer. It gets right to the heart of who God is – Our most loving Father. It also expresses the deep voice of our dependency on Him. It is a great privilege to join with the countless saints of the past, present and future who pray and call Him as Father. It adds great significance because Jesus himself introduced God as the Father and taught how to talk to this Dad through the Lord’s Prayer.

The heavenly Dad is much pleased to hear the prayer from the children on the earth

Jesus assured us in many ways how our heavenly Father is pleased to hear us talking to Him

through this prayer. God is pleased also to answer this prayer of love. It is not a reciting of a few words in rote memory. Rather, it is the beginning of a conversation with the heavenly Dad. It should come from the deep love towards God and not a mere monologue. The purpose of this Lord’s Prayer is not to recite a kind of litany, but it is opening a dialog between a Father and a child.

Pray the Lord’s Prayer with your heart and not with the lips

Begin your conversation of love with this Lord’s Prayer. Fix your mind on the heavenly Father and say the prayer slowly, meditating the words. Wait for a few second as if you are listening to His talk. Invite him to continue the conversation. Perhaps He may say, “Dear child, I do listen to your prayer when you say “our Father” with great love. You are always my beloved child. I am always with you.”

Dad’s Day should bring back the Prodigal Son back to His loving embrace.



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  • ladym33  12-06-2014
    Let us all love and give thanks for our earthly fathers and our heavenly father.
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