Is Christianity In India A European Religion?

Some of the people in India speak against Christianity, saying that it is religion brought to India by foreigners and the Christians have no right to live in India. Christians in the country are discriminated just because they are Christians.

Christianity in India is under great criticism described as it is a religion brought to India from Europe. It is really very unfortunate that some of our Hindu brothers look at the existence of Christianity in India as something foreign and the Christians are treated like people of an apartheid system. They are discriminated and there are shouts from some parts of the country that the Christians are foreigners and they have to get out of the country. Anyone who has a conscious of righteousness can judge what causes this mentality.

Was Christianity exported to India from Europe?

In fact,

Christ was born in Judea or Palestine which is in the Asian continent. Christianity was brought to India by St. Thomas the Apostle, just after the Resurrection of Jesus. Even before Christianity reached most of the European countries, it was brought to India and was followed by people who lived on the western and eastern coasts of South India. There are monuments of oldest churches built by St. Thomas in India. There are traditional evidences to prove the ancient existence of Christianity in India. They what makes some of our friends speak against the Christians who are originally Indians and are following the faith they got from their forefathers?

Indian leaders loved Christianity and respected its principles of brotherhood

If you look at the history of India, most of the patriotic leaders and kings of India have loved Christianity and respected its

principles. Although many of them did not become Christians they did not object others who wanted to follow Christ.

The Kingdom of God is not restricted to any sect of people

The Kingdom of God which Jesus brought on this earth and which he wanted to be spread everywhere is not restricted to any particular region or denomination. It is for all. It is based on pure love and is aimed at a peaceful living. It is to make everyone happy through sharing a life of love. Loving God as the Father of all and loving others as the children of God is the only mission of the Kingdom of God. To be more specific, it is the “Dharma Rajya” which means the Kingdom of Justice and Love.

Why Swami Vivekananda loved Jesus?

Swami Vivekananda, who spoke at Chicago about universal brotherhood, loved and respected Jesus very much had declared that even without any religious scriptures, the Sermon on the Mount would be sufficient enough to bring about a spiritual regeneration of humankind.

The uproar on the Indian continent against Christianity is a selfish motivated one and let us hope that our Hindu brothers will realize the truth.


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  • queeniech  29-06-2017
    very enlightening..
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  • starbright  08-06-2016
    yeah Christianity originated from Israel and Palestine before it came to Europe and India Christian religions faced great amount of conflicts in the old days of Europe
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