Be Not A Victim, But Be A Student - Says Jim Warren

We are surrounded in life by troubles and trials. We are tortured by them and lose heart. We are depressed. Jim Warren, a messenger of Gospel, says that if we look at sufferings as a student we can reduce the burden.

I had always been wondering why we should suffer so much, if God really loves us or wants to keep us happy! Not only me, but most of us, living on this earth suffer from various trials and tribulations. Wherever we turn, we find only tears and sorrows. Tears in this valley of tears are inevitable. They are a part of life.

How to face these troubles and tribulations?

It is true that when trials face our lives, we are depressed and put down. We lose all our hopes. We turn to temporary pleasures that can make us forget the present

troubles or pain in the body and mind. Is it not the reason why people turn drunkards? Is it not the reason why we indulge ourselves into sinful lives?

An encouraging word from a scholar

You may be interested to share the tips suggested by Jim Warren to counteract or face the problems in our life. They reduce the burden to a great extend.

The words of Jim Warren, who had been a host of Primetime America on the Moody Broadcasting Network, attracted me recently. He assures that your burdens of life will be reduced if you follow this. He says, "Dear friend, when hard times come, be a student, not a victim."

The victim and the student

He further explained these words with clear examples. What do most of the victims say when they are confronted by sufferings? Most of the people ask, “Why

did this happen to me?” It is the natural reaction of a victim when a suffering confronts. We ask questions and even speak against God and His plans.

But what does a student say? Warren says that a student would say, “I don’t care why it happened. I want to learn what God is trying to teach me.” He tries to learn from the crisis. He takes an effort to strengthen his knowledge by facing the problem with faith. When there is a problem, most of us act as the victim who victim turns to everyone and yells, “Look, this is an injustice of God. It is not fair.” He compares himself with those who are enjoying in spite of their sinful life.

Usually, a victim looks at himself and curses his condition while a student of faith looks at the sufferings of others and feels sorry for their condition. A student justifies his suffering by saying, “What happened to me could have happened to anybody.”

When we are confronted by sufferings, let us try to be students and turn to God with faith.



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